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JuiceBox FX offers professional film and video assets for filmmakers, photographers & creators.

JuiceBox FX was born out of love for creating high-quality assets for filmmakers & photographers to use on any creative project. We were tired of buying presets and assets that didn't live up to the hype. So we put in the work & created high-quality packs ourselves.

JuiceBox FX was created by industry professionals who work in commercial post-production. 

We promise to give everyone the opportunity to access industry level post-production film assets that won’t break the bank. And as we develop we will post tutorials & education related to each product, to show you how to install, apply & use the assets we sell.


We do this to empower the community to create content at a higher level. And to walk you through the process of how we work, so you can get the same results as us.  

JuiceBox FX is built on the foundation that it will never compromise on providing the highest quality packs that are easy to use & robust with many assets. Be sure to connect with us below for any exciting news and updates.

Submit your work to using our products for a chance to be featured on our feed! 🔥